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During the year there are the normal everyday days and then there are days we call Big Days. In regards to things to do and what's on, these Big Days are the very special publicly celebrated holidays, long weekends and cultural days of fun and activity. They can be a single day or a period of celebration. An important human characteristic of Big Days is to share with friends and family and even others.

It's important to have some ideas on celebrating these Big Days. Over the years we have fantastic experience of helping with ideas for things to do on these special Big Days! We have over 20 years experience with New Years Eve celebrations and nearly that many years with also helping on other days like Valentines Day, Cup Day, Grand Final Day and many more.

Melbourne Cup Day is in November

Public Holidays, Long Weekends and Other Big Days

Big Days has lots of great ideas for celebrating many of the fabulous public holidays, long weekends and other cultural Big Days in Australia. We might be able to help with a fun idea of an event or activity where you can get together with friends and family. It might be going out to a restaurant or a party or a club or having a meal dining out together. It could just be a passive walk or a bike ride. Or it might be doing something a little more extreme like heading away surfing or snowboarding or going to a festival event. It's called living and letting the magic happen! At Big Days we like to help with creative and fabulous ideas on things to do. And to assist we've compiled a calendar of Australia's Big Days with ideas of what's on and things to do. But here is the main Big Days that we help with.

Upcoming Big Days

Here are some of the feature Big Days that people are planning for all year.

New Year's Eve

Xmas in July

Grand Final Day

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We've sold out again. You guys are the best. Many years of great service. Personally calling to say Thank You!

Joe M Melbourne

Our NYE events have always sold out and I can only associate the NYE website with this ...

Carly O Perth

We've been using newyearseve.com.au for well over 10 years! We find it generates fantastic leads & bookings. Highly recommended.

Katrina S Melbourne

Love the Big Days passion. Thanks for an awesome Valentines day. Love was in the air especially of your sites idea of a rooftop setting!

Jai M Melbourne