Cup Day

Enjoy Cup Day at the races.

Enjoy Cup Day at the races.

Cup day is another of the Big Days in Australia. The Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday in November in Melbourne. Although it is a public holiday in Victoria, people celebrate all over Australia with cup day functions and party events taking place for the race that stops a nation.

There are so many great horse races at Flemington over what is known as cup week. The Derby, the Mackinnon Stakes and the the Oaks to name a couple but it is Cup Day that is the biggest of the Big Days. And Australians like to celebrate the greatest race, the Melbourne Cup.

Ideas for Celebrating Melbourne Cup Day

To celebrate people do it in many and varied ways. It might be heading out on Cup Eve to catch up with friends and talk of tips for the day ahead, or an early Cup Day Breakfast with a tipster as host, or a Melbourne Cup Lunch where fashion is a must. Could it be a Cup Day BBQ and Sweep or maybe a Cup after party where people can all discuss the winners and the losers and use the losing bet tickets for confetti!

Whatever you are thinking of make sure you get into the spirit and giddy up with a tip of a horse name, colour or number. It might have been what your best mates dad had said or the bloke at the garage, but everyone needs to have a tip on Melbourne Cup Day!

Tell us about your Cup Day EventAnd remember if you are having a betting flutter make sure you gamble responsibly and also if you are going to have a celebratory drink please make sure you catch public transport or get a lift.

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