Christmas Day

Christmas DecorationsAnother of the Big Days in Australia is Christmas Day. Culturally it is celebrated as a public holiday with families waking up to Santa having left some presents followed by family gift giving and then families sharing a meal together.  When you think of it … this is what we all should be doing.  Christmas Day makes us stop and think and to embrace family.  Christmas day is on the 25th December just before the end of the calendar year.
A lot of people also take holidays at this time of year and extend them into the new year.

It seems from search engine analysis that the interest in Christmas Day just gets stronger and better each year in Australia.  The following graph looks at relative search interest from 2004 to 2020.

christmas day 2004 to 2020 trends

The growth is clear and it may give some answer to us seeing all the Christmas shops that seem to have opened up in the last decade. The next graph is a little more predictable showing that interest starts to really ramp up for Christmas Day in day year trend

What we can say with certainty is that people celebrating Christmas is more popular than ever. Families and friends are also looking for ideas on ways to celebrate.

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