girl-blowing-bubblesIn Australia our Big Days tend to be the public ones that can be directly related to the Australian culturally fun days celebrated widely around the country from Perth to Brisbane and from Hobart to Darwin.

So in terms of a calendar look we can list the Big Days as these.

January 1st    – New Years Day
January 26th  – Australia Day
February 14th  – Valentines Day

March – the 1st Monday  –  Labour day  (WA ONLY)
March – the 2nd Monday  –  Labour day  (Vic and Tas)

March 17th  – St Patricks Day

March – April  – Good Friday and Easter based on March equinox on the Gregorian calendar.  The equinox is where the sun shines directly on the equator and it happens twice a year. Day and night are nearly equal amount of time.  It changes each year so Easter can be in March or April.

April  25th   – Anzac Day

May  – the 2nd Sunday  – Mothers Day

June – the 1st Monday  – Foundation Day in WA.  Also called Western Australia Day!
June – the 2nd Monday  – Queens Birthday  (Vic, NSW and SA) and it’s the opening of the Australian Snow Season

July –  Xmas in July

August –

September – the 1st Sunday  – Fathers Day
September – Last weekend – Grand Final Day

October –

November – the 1st Tuesday  – Cup Day and the Nation stops for the Melbourne Cup

December 25th  – Christmas Day
December 26th – Boxing Day
December 31st – New Years Eve

We’ll add to this as we adjust and update.   Big Days indeed!