Good Friday

Good FridayGood Friday is the Friday before Easter. Yes Good Friday is another of the awesome Australian Big Days throughout the year. Good Friday is a public holiday and is really unique. And in a random thought, in terms of holidays through the year, Good Friday is only 1 of 2 days that Horse Trainers get off through out the whole year! The other is Christmas Day!

Good Friday is also a religious holiday that celebrates the sacrifices of Christ. We all can enjoy the fab Hot Cross Buns that are part of Good Friday and we enjoy the western culture of eating fish on this day aswell. And why not? Enjoy it people. Get immersed in it and head off to a restaurant in the morning for Hot Cross Buns and coffee or later on for lunch or Good Friday dinner for a fab fish dish!

There is no doubt that interest in Good Friday internet searches has increased over the last 15 years as the following graph shows.

good friday 2004 to 2020 trend

The interest in the search term Good Friday through the year is predominantly focused to March and April close to the actual day each year.

good friday year trend

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