King’s Birthday

QueensBirthdayThe King’s Birthday holiday creates a long weekend. In Victoria and NSW the weekend of the second Monday of June also marks the opening of the ski season. This is one of the big days of the year with the Snow season opening a highlight of themed functions in venues over this weekend.

In Western Australia the King’s Birthday holiday in held on the last weekend of September.   We can see in the graph by the search interest for “Queens Birthday” during the normal year.  It shows the various times through the year the popularity. These times through the year match perfectly with this Big Days holidays.

queens birthday year trend

In fact we can see more over the years that the interest in this Big Days long weekend has increased over time.    More and more Australian people are searching for ideas on things to do and what’s on for this special holiday.

queens birthday 2004 to 2020 trend

Tell us about your King's Birthday EventOh yeah and this day is the celebration of the King and Australia’s heritage. So make it a big one and checkout for all the best events.

If you are a restaurant or a hotel and have events or things on for this Big Weekend then tell us about it.