Fathers Day is Getting Bigger

celebrate fathers day diningThe first Sunday in September (also the first Sunday of Spring) is Fathers Day!  A celebration of and for Dads all over Australia. Examples of Happy Fathers Day include, breakfast in bed, a family lunch or dinner or a gift idea.  But in reality it’s the opportunity to spending quality time, phone, in person, video or with pen on Dads!  Celebrate Dads Day!

The Big Days team have been promoting the celebration of Fathers Day since about 2013 and it’s humbling to see the continued growth and awesome increase in interest in this fantastic day of celebration.   The interest statistics for the search on “Fathers Day” over the years from 2004 to 2020 show a clear increase.

This year it is most appropriate to look at all sorts of options for finding ways to celebrate Fathers Day. All sorts of options exist to gain some quality time with Dad.  It might be a phone call, email, video call, face time, zoom, written letter (allow delivery time), visit (if allowed).  Then maybe you could do something to celebrate aswell.  Do something special with Dad.  What would he enjoy?

Great Fathers Day Ideas

Great Fathers Day ideas await on FathersDay.net.au.   It could be a special Fathers Day lunch at a hotel, restaurant or cafe.  Or it might also be a Fathers Day dining in experience that you have pre ordered because of lockdown.   How about a Gift Voucher for Dad to use when lock down is over in Victoria. Whatever the dad celebration idea, right around Australia it is nearly time to say Happy Fathers Day.

Tell us about your Father's Day EventGet on Fathers Day and check out the fab options.  Or if you are a restaurant, hotel, cafe or other that is providing Fathers Day joy.  Let us know and tell us about your fab Fathers Day celebration idea.

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