Celebrate Christmas in July

Celebrate Christmas in July

Some may think it’s amazing, but Australians really love the option of celebrating Christmas in July. People have voted with their feet and get their bums on the Christmas seat. Certainly we have noted a significant uptick in the popularity of this Winter celebration and we see the resulting increase in restaurant bookings over the last few years.

Winter in Australia is a little cool and the idea of a having a nice fun celebration winter Christmas meal together with family and friends in a warm restaurant or venue is really very appealing. It’s not just restaurants and venues, people also may like to have Christmas in July dinner party at home.

Research shows that internet search interest in Christmas in July events gains momentum as Winter 2020 starts.  June is the perfect time of year to start thinking of celebration events in July.   But previous history shows us that this interest continues throughout July.

Christmas n July interest gain in Winter

So get your group together and get popping those bon bons. Enjoy Big Days!

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