Big Days

Making the most of Big Days

Make the most of your big days!

During the year there are Small Days and there are Big Days. Some days are very special and those are the days we look forward to, those are the Big Days! These are as extraordinary times. We want to Be Extraordinary  with ideas for things to do on these special days!

These may well be the public holidays and long weekends where you can get together with friends and family and do the things that you like to do. It might be going out to a restaurant or a party or a club or having a meal dining out together. Or it might be doing something a little more extreme like heading away surfing or snowboarding or going to a festival event.

It’s called living and letting the magic happen! And to assist we’ve compiled a Calendar of Australia’s Big Days.

Big Days of the Australian calendar

Some of the these are already well known in the normal Australian calendars.  These may be cultural holidays, long weekends or celebrations that you can plan for to turn into Big Days with Big Memories.  Yes, you can plan to Be Extraordinary!  These include celebrations for New Year’s Eve, Valentines Day, St Patrick’s Day, Cup Day, and other holidays and party celebration days thru the Australian calendar year.
You may want to know where the best parties are or events and ideas.  So let’s get right to it.  What’s the biggest thru the year?  NYE!

New Year’s Eve

New Year's EveThe biggest day of the year has to be New Year’s Eve. NYE is on the 31st December right in the middle of the Australian Summer and holiday period. Enormous numbers of international visitors are also visiting cities for the festive celebrations. In a lot of the cities the councils put on fantastic fireworks displays to mark the new year. So this is quite definitely the biggest of the public big days!  You can get to further details about New Year’s Eve!
Being at the end and then the start of the calendar year is very special.  We’ve been covering NYE since 1998.  And make sure you see our unique website on NYE.

Valentine’s Day

Valentines-50-ShadesofRedThe day of LOVE is the 14th February every year!  Valentine’s day has got to be one of the bigger BIG DAYS thru the year for all those in love or wanting to be in love!  With so much to do those playing cupid can have so much fun on this day whether it is eat, sleep or party all over Australia!   We’ve explained more about the cupid Valentine’s Day!

Other Big Days

QueensBirthdayAs the days of the year progress each and every Big Day comes and goes.

Spring and Summer have many memorable days we have the festive season with Christmas Day, Boxing Day and then New Year’s Eve!

Then we welcome the New Year with New Year’s Day.  We’ve got the Calendar to make it easier for you to plan you next adventure.

We like to think we can point you in the right direction for venues, events and ideas that you can incorporate into your plans for your Big Days.  And then we want to tell you about Being Extraordinary.

We’ll have details of events in the major capital cities or the regions.  The major cities in Australia of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin are covered and also the region of the Gold Coast. The Big Days pages will have events listed in a tabular format which is easy to read.
Put your ideas and plans into action.  Be Extraordinary!  BX!