Why is it important to Find my Lost Money?

Why it's important to find lost moneyIndividual money and Organisational Company money can be misplaced in so many different circumstances. This lost money can then end up in the Federal and State Government trustee registries of Lost and Unclaimed Money. Money is not lost on purpose. There are many valid reasons money eventually settles at the Governments Unclaimed Monies Office. Some reasons include that people or Organisations have moved premise or things may have been rushed when people have changed Organisational roles. It may be a refund from a company that arrived at an old mailing address.

It’s acknowledged over 2 Billion Dollars sits in Australian Government registries of Unclaimed and Lost Money. It sits there idle. In some instances it many be subject to interest. And in some instances it may eventually end up being absorbed into Government Collective Accounts.
Once money has made it to these Australian Government registries, it is important that owners try and reconnect and are helped to find lost and unclaimed money.

It’s important to reconnect with your money for a number of reasons.
– One reason is blindingly simple. IT’S YOUR MONEY.
– It could be a lot of money. You can use the money at difficult times.
– If it was Money for a Charity or Volunteer organisation there is a responsibility over the funds.
– If you are a Government department or institution you should have an iron clad grip on Public Money!
– Even if it is a small amount of money many Companies have a fiduciary duty to account for all their funds.
– For publicly listed Companies and Companies with share holders it may be irresponsible or embarrassing if it becomes public that they can’t account for all their shareholders funds.

Start finding your lost moneyIt’s Big Days when you find money you don’t even know you lost!  We can help you turn normal drab small days into Big Days by assisting you look for lost money. Even if it is a small amount we may be able to help you avoid future loss.  And particularly in these difficult economic times every dollar counts!

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