Who Needs Help Finding Lost Money?

Finding lost moneyThere is billions of Lost and Unclaimed Money held by Australian Government. In difficult economic times like those being experienced in the Australian Winter of 2020 everyone and every organisation can do with a hand to look for any money that is theirs. No one or no organisation seems to be immune.

We’ve identified examples of lost money for:
– Australian Big Businesses;
– Australian Small Businesses;
– Australian Government departments;
– Australian Political Parties;
– Volunteer Organisations;
– Australian Charities;
– Individual persons from all levels.

The numbers are incredible and the Money ranges from small amounts to very large amounts.
And even if there are Small Amounts it can be very important to find your lost money.

We encourage everyone to first get in the mood of the treasure hunt. Have you had a look for coins down the back of the couch. Have you made sure you have a good look down the side of the car seat. What about that grate on the floor of the shops, just near the vending machine! But seriously, it seems those people or businesses that move around or change names are the most popular Lost Money candidates. But we’ve found instances of stable people and businesses where money has seemingly fallen through the cracks.

If you need help with finding lost or unclaimed money then we may be able to assist.

Start finding your lost moneyIt’s always a Big Day to discover some cache of money you don’t even know was there. At Big Days we can help try to change a normal small day into a fabulous rainbow coloured Big Day. Just let our team know some details and we’ll get the process going.   You will not just be helping yourself, or or your family, or your organisation. You will be helping the economy by idle money into active money!

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