Celebrating Indigenous Round, Big Days Money Gives Finding Football Clubs Lost Money a Kick Along

australian rules football indigenous roundThis week the Big Days Money team have been trying to give footy a kick along to help Identify and Connect Lost or Unclaimed Money related to Australian Rules Football Clubs.

The sport of Australian Rules Football captures the imagination of the Australian public. Even I, from a small boy I dreamt of climbing over a pack and taking a screamer! To dream you are running like the wind along the MCG wing. Bewildering opposition. Bouncing endlessly to finish kicking the match winning goal. Each week many boys and girls have this dream. Dreams can be helped to reality by Club resources.  Football Clubs that find their lost money may be able to support more kids football dreams.

The peak body of the sport where dreams happen in Australia is the Australian Football League (AFL). Below that lies the bread and butter of the sport with Volunteer run Football Clubs scattered all around Australia. Importantly this includes junior and senior divisions, boys and girls, and men’s and women’s teams. That’s a lot of hopes and dreams and fantastic community participation each week.

Big Days Money has previously uncovered that Volunteer Clubs and Organisations and others may have legitimate claims for Lost Money held in trust by Australian Federal, State and Territory Governments.  Australian Rules Football is not immune from this.  The positive take away is, that it’s possible some lost money can be Identified and correctly Reconnected.

Football Clubs Have Lost Money Too

Even at the top level of the AFL clubs, money sometimes falls through the cracks. It;s as simple as money may not make it to where it is intended. eg. a wrong address on a postal letter and a cheque gets returned.  In this example the Lost Money is an unpresented cheque.  Another reason may be that the money gets left behind.  eg. a club may change it’s postal address and a credit card payment for a club function doesn’t arrive.  Luckily in some instances the money gets registered by the Payor with the Lost and Unclaimed Money Department of the Federal, State or Territory.

This week our Big Days Money team have been in touch with a number of AFL clubs to let them know of Lost Money we had Identified for them.  In difficult times when many AFL Clubs are reducing costs and trying to hold on to all incomes.  Cold call news of the Identifying of lost money may be a welcome relief.  And yes, already we’ve Identified and connected Lost Money for the Tigers, Blues, Bombers and Saints to name a few already. With more to come. Thousands of dollars hopefully being Identified, Connected and Collected and put to good use for these organisations in difficult times.

Start finding your lost moneyThis weeks AFL indigenous round provides special inspiration and reflection of sport and culture focused on indigenous dreams, aspirations and achievements. And that points to more Volunteer, Club, Service, Not for Profit and Charity organisations where Big Days Money can help in the search of Lost Money. If you think your Volunteer Club needs help searching for lost money then let us know at Big Days Money.

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