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Lost MoneyThe aim of the Big Days Money Finder is to help Identify any lost or unclaimed money in the Australian Federal, State and Territory registries.  Many people and organisations have lost money they may not know about.  The first step is to Start the Search.  Many people and organisations don't know where to start.

The Big Day Money Finder can assist commencing that search.  Through experience the Big Days Money Finder helps collect details that can then be processed against the registries of Australian Federal and State Treasuries, Finance Departments and Public Trustees.

The first step is to Enter and Submit as many details as you can complete to begin the processing.

Start Finding Your Money

    General Contact Details

    Details of Yourself / Your Organisation and any Changes

    Changes in lives and organisations can lead to money getting lost.
    Please enter a little insight into any changes in your life or your organisation.

    List Any Addresses
    Please list addresses you have lived at or the organisation had offices at.
    (Please list addresses one line at a time in format Street, Suburb, Postcode)

    Any Previous Names
    Please indicate any changed surnames or if the organisation has changed names.
    (Sometimes names of people or organisations change. Please identify any name changes)

    We will contact you if we need to clarify information and help in your search.
    If you have any further information you'd like to provide at this time please do so here.

    Lost Money Testimonials

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    Many thanks for this, ... What a great value add!

    CM Melbourne

    Thanks! The clincher was the phone number was the number from my old shop!

    CI Melbourne

    I can't thank Big Days enough for their professional manner, courtesy and guidance.

    PM Melbourne

    Thanks Team. With your help I even found some lost money from my late mother.

    FJ Brisbane